Hey there!

I know I haven’t posted in while so there is a few to say…
I have been so busy with my homeschooling, I could never find time to blog!
Do you guys like to read? Well I know I do!!! I am currently working on 3 books, Narnia The Silver Chair(for fun), The secret of the sealed room(for school), and the story book bible(my mom insists I read it). I have read many, many books before like, The Candy Makers, all the Junie B. Jones’s books, a couple of the Ramona books, Little men, and so many others!!

Write down in the comments what books you’ve read an dare currently reading!!


Hey Guys!!

Sorry I haven’t been updating but today I will!!
I finished my book but am still editing it. I decided to call it The Mushroom Ring. It’s kind of catchy and a mysterious kind of title, don’t you think? When I publish it I am going to sell it on Amazon for $5.oo. I suppose you’re probably thinking ‘whoah! that’s really cheap!!’ I made it that cheap because then more people will buy it, but if I did it 20 dollars or something only up to 2 people would buy it! I am thinking of doing a series of books. I thought of the second book but I want you guys to help me think of the third book. Write below in the comments you ideas, and maybe just maybe I will use them!
Thanks A lot!


I am supposed to be writing a book for school.  I know everything that is going to happen in my story, but there is only 1 problem!!! I can’t come up with a title!! I will tell you what my story is about! Its about a girl named Samantha and she is a very positive girl she goes on a lot of adventures to places like Narnia.  She loves all her adventures but the thing she hates most is that her little sister, Isabelle, comes with her to every one!  Except for one.  It was the one where problems really needed to be solved, this is what she wanted, to solve problems.  She tries to turn the villain, which is a dwarf and his name is Figruli, to be a nice man and understanding, but he is stubborn.

Things happen and Samantha realises that things are different -in a bad way- when her sister is not there and she doesn’t know what is going on and needs Isabelle.  At the last second when Samantha is a bout to leave Figruli becomes good.  She goes home and tells Isabelle how sorry she is and from the day on they are always on adventures.


Please post in the comments what you think my title should be, I need at least 10 ideas to start picking my favourites then picking my title!!



A good leader

In my opinion, a good leader is a leader that encourages, keeps their followers going in their job by nice and kind words, and a leader that is not so bossy and threatening. Just like the queen of hearts in the Alice in wonderland book. She shouts threats like “off with his his head!” or “off with her head!” She is not very patient with her people! If you are a boss or a leader of something it is easy to be a good one. You just have to believe in your workers and in yourself. Like being encouraging and saying helpful things like “It’s okay you can do it” and “you have helped me a lot”and not things like “you never finish on time” or threatening things like “ I’ll pay you less!”. If you are positive and kind it keeps your workers motivated and willing to continue their job. Like my dad, he is encouraging in my sport and he sets a good example of how I should be with my children when I have them! Both my parents are encouraging to me especially when I am having trouble, they help me feel better about myself and how I feel!

Things About Me……

I like to learn as many new things as I can from Homeschool so that I can share it with you!  I am a very active girl, though I like to dress up for plays and operas and stuff like that, but I really like to get dirty and play rough.  I am shy around people I don’t know, I am a BIG animal lover, my favorite entertainment is my brother’s own comedian show he is hilarious (he has a blog adventureswithjakin.wordpress.com) , and most of all spending time with God.  I am an American that lives in Egypt, and I love babysitting so much that I go and babysit my mom’s friend’s kids for 50 EGP!

My Journey Through Candy Mania Island

Once upon a time, I was going home. When I saw a light reflecting on something, which turned me away from home. So, I went towards the light and it was a banana-split floating in chocolate milk!! I looked around me and realised that it was the candy mania island my friends dreamed of going to! The people were sour patches, there were boats that were bananas and the seats were peanut-butter, the ground was popping candy mixed with m&m’s, and Reeses cups were the saddles on a jelly horse!!!! There was even coco-pops meant for beach balls at the park. Best of all I was the president in the white chocolate house!! There were Oreo dogs in a cage, even sugar in a bowl as foot massager! It was full of life in the place I tell you! My favorite thing in the was the Nutella birds. My least favorite thing to know was that there were jelly rats inside the cabinet!!!

Thanks for reading!!  In the comments try to think of an imaginary place you would like to go to.