The Tarantula

There are more than 850 species of Tarantulas, such as the Goliath and the Theraphosa. These hairy, nocturnal arachnids, meaning mainly active at night, are part of the Hairy Mygalmorph Spider family. Tarantulas live mostly in Tropical and Subtropical, meaning on the border of the Tropicals, but are also found in the deserts, in South America and in the South Western States. Tarantulas can live up to 15-25 years,  grow up to a foot, their fangs can grow up to an inch and they can lay up to 200 eggs at a time.

Unlike many other spiders, Tarantulas don’t spin web for their home, instead they dig themselves burrows with silk outlining the walls and the opening so that dirt doesn’t get in. How do they catch prey you may ask? Well, they put silk on the ground so that when a prey comes such as a floor mouse, they can feel them move on the silk, then when they prey comes closer, the Tarantula’s sensitive hairs sense the prey. Then ATTACK, the Tarantula catches the prey and bites it and fills it with venom, but to humans a Tarantula is no more than a bee sting and Tarantulas also have hairs that can cause irritation.

The Epeitra Spider

There are 650 species such as the Pumpkin Spider and the Orb weaver spider. These spiders are nocturnal and part of the Araneus Marmoreus Spider family. They are found in Europe and North America. They can live up to 1 year and lay hundreds maybe thousands of eggs and cover them with silk, making a sac.

They weave a pretty silk for their home and catching their prey, they eat mostly insects, and have been know to eat frogs and hummingbirds. Like some spiders they have poor eyesight. These spiders are your normal-everyday house spiders. To humans their bite is nothing.


5 thoughts on “Spiders!

  1. Do Pumpkin Spider’s look like pumpkins? That’d be funny.

    I know this post is about spiders, but I needed to tell you somewhere that you’ve been tagged. I don’t think you’ve been tagged before, so let me explain: There’s this fun thing many bloggers do called tags, it’s where you tag several people (just write down their names on their blog and notify them they’ve been tagged) and ask them a few questions, then on their blog they answer the questions, make more questions, and tag others. And… yeah. Now you know about tagging! Click here to get to where you’ve been tagged (I’ve tagged you, don’t worry because I’m a Christan and there’s nothing bad on my site)


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