Persuasive Essay On Animal Rights And Cruelty

You might think that our world is amazing, but then when you look closer you wish you were blind. Animals are treated like garbage. Did you know that people’s lives are saved by animals? For example when Lewis and Clark were on the expedition they almost got ran over buy a buffalo but then Lewis’ dog started barking and they rolled out of the way. You may not realize it, but when you grow close to a animal you can not let go of it.  I feel all animals should be treated with love as if they were your own kid, your own flesh and blood.

Animals like pigs may be stinky and weird but when you really pay close attention you realize they are treated without an ounce of love or kindness. When pigs are being loaded or unloaded and they refuse they are either pushed on the snout or whipped with are electric whip. Chickens, for example, are buried alive, there are 500 billion chickens killed per year! And they are artificially and chemically raised. Chickens may not be the best of animals, but that does not mean they have to be treated like garbage, they have feelings too. Same goes with horses. They are a great and amazing piece of artwork, but people are just so evil. A lot horses are poorly taken care of and they are beaten.

Animals like pigs, chickens, turkeys etc. are boiled alive, because people want the feathers and hair off of them so they can cook them easier. That is 100% torture. Animal lovers like me are completely against any animal cruelty. Honestly I would rather live with animals than humans for the rest of my life, and that is because humans can be so cruel and full of hatred, but animals are gentle. God created us to have authority over animals and we should use that authority in a responsible and kind way.     






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