Black Beauty spoiler!

Black Beauty Introduction

Author Biograghy: Anna Sewell was born in Yarmouth, England on March 30, 1820 – and died in Old Catton, United Kingdom on April 25, 1878

Anna had a mother named Mary Wright Sewell, a father named Isaac Phillip Sewell, and a brother named Phillip Sewell.  Anna Sewell was an English novelist. She is best known as the author of the 1877 novel Black Beauty, one of the top 10 best selling novels ever written.  Even though she only wrote one book, it’s really famous.


Part 1: Black Beauty’s first home is very peaceful. His mother, Duchess, taught him how to behave when he is broken in or when he is being driven. And his master was very kind and gentle and took very good acre of his horses. One night there was a bunny hunt and one of the men fell of  his horse and died, the horse broke his leg an had to be shot in the head. We learn that the horse that was shot, was Duchess’s son! When Beauty was 4 he was sold to Birtwick Park. His new owners, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon, were as good as his first owner. Mrs. Gordon gave Beauty his name. Here he meets the horses Merrylegs, Ginger, and Sir Oliver, and the grooms James Howard and John Manly. Ginger was a long-necked chestnut horse, she was also ill-tempered because of her previous owners, Sir Oliver had his poor tail shortened due to thoughtless ‘fashion’, and Merrylegs, a pony, is a trusted playmate of the Gordon and Blomefield children. Mr. Gordon and John Manly are both known to take issue with those who mistreat horses. James leaves because he has a better job opportunity, but before he leaves he takes Mr. and Mrs. Gordon to see some friends, the stable the horses are staying catches fire and James rushes to save them, they are saved!! Little Joe Green replaces James, he doesn’t know much about horses or how to care for them, but he learns after trying to help Beauty and accidentally getting her very sick! Joe is so sad about what he did, he even stopped a man that was abusing his horses and that man went to jail. Then Beauty and Ginger are sold because the Gordons must leave to a warmer climate for Mrs. Gordon’s health. Joe and MerryLegs go to the Vicar Blomefield’s, and Beauty and Ginger are sold to EarlShall Park.

Part 2: Their new mistress insists on the horses wearing the check-reins because they look more proper with their heads held up. Little does she know, it’s quite painful for the horses. One day Ginger acts up and goes wild. After this she is sold to a hunter which messes her up. One day she was riding Beauty, whom she called Black Auster, and then she tried riding another horse and that horse threw her of, Beauty ran for help and is much praised for that. Beauty thinks he is nicely settled until one night Reuben Smith was drunk and he dropped Beauty off at the horse shoe store and said he would be back in an hour. He ends up gone for about 5-7 hours. When he finally comes back, he takes Beauty on a dangerous ride and it leads to Reuben’s death. And Beauty’s knees are jacked. Ginger is also ruined by hard riding, but is given a chance to recover. Beauty is then sold to a livery stable meaning he can be sold to drivers who aren’t very good at driving, handling, or caring a horse. One customer though recognizes Beauty’s worth and makes it so that he is sold to Mr. Barry, a man who hired a groom for Beauty. This groom stole Beauty food and is arrested. Mr. Barry hires a groom who cares nothing of horses and Mr. Barry can’t take it so he sells Beauty.

Part 3: Beauty is taken to a horse and is sold to Jeremiah Barker, called Jerry, and Beauty’s stable-mate is named Captain, he was in the Crimean war. Jerry names Beauty jack. Jerry is a London cab driver and is perfectly excellent at his job. He never mistreats his horses and he takes good care of them. He has a wife ,Polly, and 2 kids who are very kind and gentle too. Jerry is a very wise and honest man. Later Jerry and Captain get into a cab accident and poor Captain must be put down. Captain is replace with Hotspur. One day on New Years Jerry and Beauty waited for 2 men for about 3 hours. Jerry catches a bad cold and gets Bronchitis, then Mrs. Fowler, Polly’s former employer, sent a letter saying that Jerry and his family could move to the country an into a cabin and that he can work for her. They accept and Governor Grant buys Hotspur and promises a good home for Beauty.

Part 4: Grant sold Beauty to a corn dealer. The man is good to Beauty, but the man’s supervisor, Jake, overworks the horses and uses the check-rein! One day Jake was going up hill with a heavy load with the check-rein on poor Beauty, while whipping Beauty to make him go faster. A lady stops Jake and tells him that his horse is trying his hardest, but its hard on him because he has the check-rein on so tight. Jake is impressed and he is then easier on Beauty. But the dark stables almost made Beauty blind!! He then is sold to another cab business and his owner is Nicolas Skinner. Skinner has a bunch of shabby cabs and over-worked drivers. The drivers are always frustrated an they take it all out by abusing the poor horses. There is a family who need a ride but they have a very heavy load, they insist on only Beauty carrying it, but later Beauty collapses an dis almost taken to the slaughter house! Beauty is then sold again to Farmer Thoroughgood and his grandson who know they can make Beauty sportful and energetic again. They succeed an they sell Beauty to the Blomfield sisters! Little Joe Green, although not so little anymore, recognizes Beauty! An they live happily, ever,


Black Beauty


Mistreatment of animals and upright behavior:

The theme mainly states how Anna feels about how animals are treated and act and also how man should treat animals and act. There are many incidents that happen that lead to either death or injury physical and emotionally. Anna thought that animals should have good behavior and always work their hardest, she also thought that drinking was so evil and man shall never commit it. There is one event where one of Beauty’s owners gets drunk and jacks up poor Beauty’s knees and gets him self killed!

Anna does very well in showing the reader different things horses go through by making Beauty meet horses who have gone through things such as; tail shortening, horses used in combat, and mistreated(Ginger).

Anna also disliked how horses are used for sport, like racing, and jumping risky jumps.

“We call them dumb animals, and so they are, for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they have no words.”_Black Beauty

My Critical Overview

Positive side of things:

Black Beauty is one of my all time favorites. I liked how Anna described the littlest of things so specifically, it was so helpful. I also liked how it explains that if you do the littlest wrong thing, like drinking, it could lead to injury or even death.

Negative side of things:

There is only a couple things that bothered me, I think Ginger should have been with Beauty the whole time. I also think that Beauty’s name should have stayed the same.

Black Beauty Conclusion

In conclusion, I feel much different about horses and drinking. I have always loved all animals, but now that I know more about horses, I think they are one of my favorite animals! Black Beauty is definitely one of my all time favorites, because I love how Anna Sewell didn’t only write the book about horses, but about love and kindness. I would highly recommend this book to those who hate animal cruelty and to those who need to read a good book!


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