Hey there!

I know I haven’t posted in while so there is a few to say…
I have been so busy with my homeschooling, I could never find time to blog!
Do you guys like to read? Well I know I do!!! I am currently working on 3 books, Narnia The Silver Chair(for fun), The secret of the sealed room(for school), and the story book bible(my mom insists I read it). I have read many, many books before like, The Candy Makers, all the Junie B. Jones’s books, a couple of the Ramona books, Little men, and so many others!!

Write down in the comments what books you’ve read an dare currently reading!!


13 thoughts on “Hey there!

  1. I, too, love to read! I think you get it from me! I have read way too many books to list them but some of my favorites that you may like also are Anne of Green Gables series and the Little House on the Prairie series.


  2. I used to read Junie B. Jones books and they were tons of fun! Teh only reason I stopped was because I read them all! I’m currently reading Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson! If you’re 12 (maybe 13) or older I seriously suggest it. The book is filled with awesome magic and tons of action. I just finnished The Reckoners trilogy (a new book may be written soon) and I loved it; it’s my favorite book out of the hundreds I’ve read. As Marcy (I’m asumming that’s your mom ??? ) mentioned Anen of Green Gables I thought of my sis and mum. My watch the shows and seem to like them alot. I may get the books from the lybrarry to read them because apparently alot of people like those.
    Other books I like inclued: Alcatraz Smedry VS. the Evil Lybrarrians, The Unwanteds, Lawless series (no magic, but still fun), The Outlaws, and so many more!


  3. I’ve read all the Junie B. Jones books, the 1st and 2nd of Harry Potter, Gabby Lost and Found, Dork Diaries 1,2,3,6,8,9, Charlotte’s Web, The Cursed Child(Also Harry Potter), Dolphin Tale 2, The Secret Garden, Dewey the Library Cat, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, Daring Do and the Marked Thief of Marapore, Equestria Girls sunset Shimmer’s Time to Shine, Twilight and Pinkie Pie’s books(in the My Little Pony series), The 1st 39 clues, Several of The Bailey School Kids, Judy Moody Goes to Hollywood, and several others(since 2nd grade(I’m in 7th). I am currently reading Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief, Guardians of Ga’Hoole The Journey, Endangered, 4th Harry Potter, and a couple others. Some of the books I have read countless times, as I love to read(if you can’t tell) 🙂 Let me know of any books you think I should read! Thanks!

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