I am supposed to be writing a book for school.  I know everything that is going to happen in my story, but there is only 1 problem!!! I can’t come up with a title!! I will tell you what my story is about! Its about a girl named Samantha and she is a very positive girl she goes on a lot of adventures to places like Narnia.  She loves all her adventures but the thing she hates most is that her little sister, Isabelle, comes with her to every one!  Except for one.  It was the one where problems really needed to be solved, this is what she wanted, to solve problems.  She tries to turn the villain, which is a dwarf and his name is Figruli, to be a nice man and understanding, but he is stubborn.

Things happen and Samantha realises that things are different -in a bad way- when her sister is not there and she doesn’t know what is going on and needs Isabelle.  At the last second when Samantha is a bout to leave Figruli becomes good.  She goes home and tells Isabelle how sorry she is and from the day on they are always on adventures.


Please post in the comments what you think my title should be, I need at least 10 ideas to start picking my favourites then picking my title!!




5 thoughts on “Help!!

  1. Nice, I’m doing the same thing, I finished Easy Peasy a while ago, but I’m still writing my story to! It’s actually in another dimension as well!

    Here are some ideas to start you off!
    1. Other Worlds
    2. War of the Dwarves
    3. Samantha and Izabelle (or Izzie, if Samantha calls her that)
    4. New Dimensions
    5. The world of (insert whatever the main ‘other world’ Samantha goes to is)

    Hope this helps! If you like your story can you send me a link to it so I can read it?


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