A good leader

In my opinion, a good leader is a leader that encourages, keeps their followers going in their job by nice and kind words, and a leader that is not so bossy and threatening. Just like the queen of hearts in the Alice in wonderland book. She shouts threats like “off with his his head!” or “off with her head!” She is not very patient with her people! If you are a boss or a leader of something it is easy to be a good one. You just have to believe in your workers and in yourself. Like being encouraging and saying helpful things like “It’s okay you can do it” and “you have helped me a lot”and not things like “you never finish on time” or threatening things like “ I’ll pay you less!”. If you are positive and kind it keeps your workers motivated and willing to continue their job. Like my dad, he is encouraging in my sport and he sets a good example of how I should be with my children when I have them! Both my parents are encouraging to me especially when I am having trouble, they help me feel better about myself and how I feel!


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