My Journey Through Candy Mania Island

Once upon a time, I was going home. When I saw a light reflecting on something, which turned me away from home. So, I went towards the light and it was a banana-split floating in chocolate milk!! I looked around me and realised that it was the candy mania island my friends dreamed of going to! The people were sour patches, there were boats that were bananas and the seats were peanut-butter, the ground was popping candy mixed with m&m’s, and Reeses cups were the saddles on a jelly horse!!!! There was even coco-pops meant for beach balls at the park. Best of all I was the president in the white chocolate house!! There were Oreo dogs in a cage, even sugar in a bowl as foot massager! It was full of life in the place I tell you! My favorite thing in the was the Nutella birds. My least favorite thing to know was that there were jelly rats inside the cabinet!!!

Thanks for reading!!  In the comments try to think of an imaginary place you would like to go to.


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