The Mayans

Have you ever heard about the Mayans? Did you know that in estimation there are 7 million Mayans still living around the Yucatan? The Mayans were very natural and creative, but we will get to that later.

The Yucatan is located in Mesoamerica which the now call Mexico. It was and still is very beautiful! It provided everything they needed to live to live and have a good life.

They called their writing”Maya glyphs”. Everything they wrote were cool pictures and their numbers looked like morse code! The had the gift of writing (more drawing) and understanding.

Their calendar was awesome! They used pictures to represent the day, month, and year. Another cool thing about their was they used a”20-day cycle” because each day represented a cool Yucatec name. Their calendar was known as the Tzolkin.

The Mayans were very creative about everything. Their calendar, food, and lifestyle has influenced our world. I bet the Mayans are the ones who first made tortillas, so Mexicans didn’t invent tortillas after all!


2 thoughts on “The Mayans

  1. One more crazy thing about these people is they believed that the world was flat and had 4 corners and there were 4 jaguars of different colors held up those 4 corners of the earth!! haha! crazy!


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